Green Initiatives


Dear Shareholder,

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has taken a “Green Initiative in Corporate Governance” by allowing paperless compliances by Companies through electronic mode. In accordance with the recent Circular No. 17/2011 dated 21.4.2011 and Circular no. 18/2011, dated 29.4.2011 issued by the MCA, Companies can now send various notices and documents, including Annual Report, to its shareholders through electronic mode on their registered email addresses.

Accordingly, Gayatri Highways Limited proposes to send documents such as Notice of the Annual General Meeting, Audited Financial Statements, Directors’ Report, Auditors’ Report, etc., and other communications through electronic mode to the Shareholders whose e-mail addresses are available in the records of the Depository.

Please note that all such documents shall also be made available on the Company’s website and shall be kept open for inspection at the registered office of the Company during office hours.

Shareholders are requested to update/intimate the email address (e-mail ID) and any change in the email address with the Depository Participant (DP).

In case of shares held in physical form, you may register your e-mail ID by mailing us the details in the Form.

Company Secretary
Gayatri Highways Limited
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